Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Where can I use my card?

    You can use your card at any ATM in South Africa to withdraw cash and at merchants displaying the MasterCard sign to pay for goods or services. You can also get cash back at merchants when you pay for your purchases.

  2. Can I go into a Standard Bank branch to draw cash or get a balance?

    You may only draw cash at an ATM or get cash back when you pay for goods or services at a merchant.
    To get your balance, SMS your card number to 34246.

  3. Do I earn interest on money in my card?

    The card is not meant to store money; it is intended to be used by you to withdraw cash and pay for purchases within your earning period. Should you need to store money, you may go into a branch and open a savings account. Please take your identity document and proof of residence with you.

  4. What do I do if my card has expired and there is still money on the card?

    If your card expired within the past three years you can go to the person who gave you the card and get them to transfer the funds onto another card. If your card expired more than three years ago, you can go to any Standard Bank branch with your card and identity document and claim the money on your card. You will not be paid any interest.

  5. Can I use my card in other countries?

    You may only use your card in South Africa; any transaction attempted in another country will be declined.

  6. What do I do if I lose my card or it is stolen?

    You should call 0861 115 196 between 9am and 11pm, call 0800 020 600 from 11pm to 9am or advise the person who gave you the card as soon as possible. Your card can be stopped to prevent anyone else from withdrawing your money. Unfortunately, any money on the card that is used before you stop your card may be lost.

  7. Can I load money onto my card?

    The card is intended to pay you and is not an account; no one else other than the person who gave you the card may load money onto your card, including yourself.

  8. Can a debit order be loaded on my card?

    Any debit orders loaded on your card will not be paid. This includes any deductions made by micro lenders.

  9. What do I do if I forget my PIN?

    Your PIN cannot be reissued or reset. You need to request the card provider to give you a new card and transfer the funds on your old card to your new card.

  10. Who do I contact if I have queries?

    You will need to call 0861 115 196

  11. What is a PayCard?

    Employees can only withdraw cash from ATMs and pay for purchases with or without cash back at merchants. The cards takes away the risk of managing and carrying large amounts of cash. PayCards maybe used for multiple salary or wage payments to each employee. Cards expire after 3 years.

  12. Loading funds onto Paycards

    To calculate the value of your payroll, make an electronic account payment into the Standard Bank PayCard account using your unique reference number. Allow sufficient time for payment to be received. Cash and cheque deposits will not be accepted.

    Please note that deposits can take up to 3 days to reflect. When a deposit is done on a weekend, it will only reflect on the Tuesday after that weekend.

    When cards have been activated, the risk of holding “cash” is passed to your employees, who can withdraw their cash or use the card to make payments at merchants.

  13. Terms and conditions

    Cards are produced with a PIN and are attached to a card carrier showing how to use the cards at an ATM. On the reverse of the card carrier are the terms and conditions in English.

  14. Queries

    If you have any questions, you will need to call 0861 11 51 96.

  15. Who uses PayCards

    • Construction companies pay their bricklayers, tilers, welders and plasterers with the Standard Bank PayCard.
    • Teachers are given the cards by the School to use on school trips.
    • A Standard Bank Profile owner uses the PayCard to pay their domestic worker.
    • NGO's use it to pay their staff.
    • Farmers use it to pay their farm laborers.
    • Bead work companies use it to pay their bead workers.
    • Cabinet / furniture makers use it to pay their staff.
    • A number of companies use it to give to their office managers to use for various office expenses.
    • A State-owned institution uses the PayCard to give to their office managers for certain expenses.
    • Aviation companies use the PayCard to pay their workers.
    • Company employees that are concerned about the safety of funds and who feel their personal security may be threatened, use the Standard Bank PayCard to pay their workers instead of cash.
    • Companies give it to staff members who don’t have a bank account.

  16. How to load funds onto a PayCard Card?

    • Once you have allocated the PayCard/s via your profile to your employees you can then load funds onto the PayCard/s.
    • You will need to calculate the amount of funds that need to be loaded onto the PayCard/s.
    • Thereafter, you will need to do a deposit via Internet Banking or Business Online by selecting the preloaded beneficiary: “Credits Outstanding: PayCard” and using the unique reference number allocated to your profile.
    Please note: Do not include any other letters, numbers or spaces to the reference number.
    • Cash and cheque deposits will not be accepted.
    Deposits can take up to 3 days to reflect. When a deposit is done on a weekend, it will only reflect on the Tuesday after that weekend.
    • Once the funds reflect on your PayCard profile, you can load funds onto the allocated cards as required using the “Load funds onto cards...” menu option while logged into your profile. You will be able to load an activation time and date.
    • As the card provider you can be safe in the knowledge that the PayCards are not loaded or active until the specified date and time.
    • You can then distribute the PayCard/s together with the PIN in a sealed envelope before the cards are activated.

  17. How to add a preloaded beneficiary in an internet profile so that a client can do a payment?

    Funds are required to be deposited into the pre-approved beneficiary using Internet Banking or Business On-Line only. The beneficiary that needs to be selected by Standard Bank customers is: “Credits Outstanding: PayCard”. In order for the deposit to be correctly allocated, you must use your unique reference number which is allocated to your profile for each deposit. Deposits take up to 3 days to reflect. Once the deposit has reflected, the funds will be available to load onto cards.

    Step by step on Standard Bank Internet banking
    • Once you have logged onto you profile on the Standard Bank Internet Banking Website, you will click on “Pay beneficiary” under “Payments and Transfers”.
    • You will then click on “Add new beneficiary”.
    • Under beneficiary details click on “Company” as Beneficiary type.
    • Under business directory type out “PayCard” in the space provided and then click on “search”.
    • You will select “Credits Outstanding: PayCard”.
    • Enter a reference under “Your Details” which will be your reference for you to use for your own reference purposes, e.g. Paycard.
    • You will also need to enter the “Beneficiary Reference”, which will be the unique reference number that was e-mailed to you when you signed up for the card.
    • The reference number is also available on your profile
    Please Note: Only the number must be entered i.e. 7081940814. Do not add anything else to the unique reference number for example “ref7081940814”.
    • Click on “Next”.
    • Confirm beneficiary details.
    • If the details are correct, click on “Next”.
    • You will then click on “Pay Beneficiary”.
    • Complete the payment details by entering the amount etc. and then click on “Next”.
    • Once payment details have been confirmed, you can click on “Pay” to make the payment.

  18. How to add a preloaded beneficiary in a Standard Bank Business Online banking profile so that a client can do a payment?

    • Log into your profile with your operator ID (you will have received this when setting up the Business Online Profile.
    • Go to the “payments” section.
    • Select “all payments” option.
    • Click on “create payment”.
    • Choose “select account” and select the account that you are going to pay the funds from.
    • Thereafter you click on “To” and select “credit”.
    • You will then see a list of preloaded beneficiary’s and you can select the “Credits Outstanding: PayCard” beneficiary.
    • Enter the amount that you want to transfer.
    • The final step is to click “release” which will release payment to the creditor.

    If you require further assistance loading a beneficiary on a Business Online Profile please contact the Business Online team on—
    Tel: 0860 123 007
    E-mail: businessonline@standardbank.co.za

  19. Can I draw cash from a bank branch?

    PayCard card holders cannot go into a bank branch and withdraw cash from a teller.

  20. How long does it take for a deposit to reflect

    Deposits can take up to 3 days to reflect.

    When a deposit is done on a weekend, it will only reflect on the Tuesday after that weekend.

    Once the deposit has reflected, the funds will be available to load onto cards.

    Please note for any Payments of R80 000 and above, you will need to send proof of payment to Paymet to Support@paycard.co.za

  21. Anonymously report prepaid card dishonesty or ATM fraud

    • Fraud Hotline (South Africa only)
    0800 113 443
    • Hotpost (South Africa only)
    Written reports can be sent by conventional mail, at no cost to the sender to:
    BNT371, PO Box 14671, Sinoville, 0129
    • Hotfax (South Africa only)
    Reports can be faxed to: 0800 200 796
    • Hotmail (International)
    Email reports can be sent to: fraud@kpmg.co.za. When using the Hotpost, Hotfax or Hotmail options, you may remain anonymous if you wish, but please clearly mark all submissions as relating to Standard Bank.

  22. Fees

    FEES 2021


    Card orderR34.00 per card (As of 09/02/2021)
    LoadR11.60 per card
    Card delivery Face to Face
    1 - 50 cardsR106.00
    51 - 600 cardsR106.00
    601 - 2000 cardsR106.00

    Courier fees are subject to change without prior notice.


    ATM cash withdrawal at a Standard Bank ATMR10.00
    ATM cash withdrawal at another bank ATMR16.50
    Purchases at merchantsFree
    Purchase plus cash back at merchantsFree
    Balance enquiry at SBSA ATMR3.00 (One free balance enquiry per load)
    Balance enquiry at an agent bank ATMR9.00
    SMS Balance enquiryR2.82
    Declined cash withdrawal at Standard BankR0.00
    Declined cash withdrawal at another bankR7.50
    Declined Purchase at merchantsR5.00
    Card Inactive Fee R15.90
    Bank reversal fee R66.00