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  1. What are the fees for 2020

    FEES 2020


    Card orderR18.00 per card
    LoadR11.00 per card
    Card delivery Face to Face
    1 - 50 cardsR101.00
    51 - 600 cardsR101.00
    601 - 2000 cardsR101.00

    Courier fees are subject to change without prior notice.

    ATM cash withdrawal at a Standard Bank ATMR9.00
    ATM cash withdrawal at another bank ATMR16.00
    Purchases at merchantsFree
    Purchase plus cash back at merchantsFree
    Balance enquiry at SBSA ATMR3.00 (One free balance enquiry per load)
    Balance enquiry at an agent bank ATMR3.50
    SMS Balance enquiryR2.82
    Declined cash withdrawal at Standard BankR0.00
    Declined cash withdrawal at another bankR0.00
    Card Inactive Fee R15.00
    Bank reversal fee R63.00

  2. PayCard

    Paycard provides an easy way of getting money and making purchases without the hassle of cashing cheques and carrying cash. You do not need a bank account to own a PayCard.
    Once your wages are transferred by your employer onto your PayCard, you can withdraw cash at an ATM or pay for goods at a shop with a point-of-sale machine. It works like a debit card and is PIN authenticated, so you will use a personal code to get your money.

  3. Benefits of PayCard

    Payment always arrives on time
    No time wasted in banking queues or cheque-cashing stores
    Access to your money anytime and anywhere
    Safer as you do not need to carry your entire wages on pay day
    You now have the prestige of carrying a MasterCard branded product
    You can receive you pay even when you not on the job on payday

  4. Balance enquiries

    The card balance will be shown on the ATM slip after every cash withdrawal. Employees can make one free balance enquiry at ATMs for every load or reload or by sending an SMS to 34543, at R2.00 per SMS.

  5. Terms and conditions

    Cards are produced with a PIN and are attached to a card carrier showing how to use the cards at an ATM. On the reverse of the card carrier are the terms and conditions in English.. These terms and conditions are available in Afrikaans on the website.

  6. Queries

    If you have any questions, please contact the Standard Bank call center on 0861 11 51 96.